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  • Paige
  • October 7, 2017

It has come to the end of week one of my October challenge #CRAFTOBER! It’s been a week of craft videos and tutorials on my YouTube channel every day. If you haven’t caught up with them, then here is a recap of this weeks content.

Day 1

To launch #CRAFTOBER I wanted to create something I would be really proud of. I created a jacket like the one Miley Cyrus wears on her new album cover. She is one of my idols so it inspired me to make my own. This is perfect for any other Miley fans and it’s really simple to re-create and inexpensive too.

Day 2

This video was another inspired by Rihanna Elle cover shoot. As I was looking at celebrities for inspiration, I saw this simple, yet artistic look and decided to give it a go. It looks fairly simple but when you watch the video you will see it look layers of shading to get it right. I know this isn’t your usual halloween video, but I wanted to do something different and have fun with it. The important thing to note here is my content isn’t taking itself too seriously and I hope people can see the humour in some of my work.

Day 3

If you need a costume for a party or have kids going trick or treating then this is perfect for you. When the night creeps up on Halloween, and everything goes dark, you can wow everyone with these light up bat wings! What is even better is the bat wings were only 1 pound from poundland!!! The fairy lights are £2.50 from Primark and then I used a fabric paint that costs roughly £3 to buy on Ebay. Really inexpensive and if you have patience, it’s easy to recreate as well. Probably my favourite video of the week!

Day 4

#CRAFTOBER Primark Butterfly make up up - Paige Joanna
This Primark butterfly make up look is a great tutorial for anyone who prefers pretty feminine styles. Halloween doesn’t always have to be blood and gore, so this is a great one for younger children, or for nights out! Primark have some amazing face stickers and gems, so it was super fun to use this butterfly style and only £1.50!

Day 5

Paige Joanna #CRAFTOBER candy skull make up look
Another make up look but this time using candy skull gems from Primark. It’s so great being able to create looks anyone can do, as the gems are cheap to buy. This candy skull wasn’t my finest creation of the week, but I do love the bright colours and fun you can have with designing the look! I forgot to add the hollow nose of a skull though, oops.

Day 6

Bringing back to fashion, this easy pussy bow tshirt tutorial can be achieved in under ten minutes. Add a simple yet effective tough to already existing t-shirts and get this on trend and funky look. I love the use of the black and white ribbon against the lilac, but you could do this with black t-shirts and glitter ribbon or any colour combinations.

Day 7

And lastly, day 7 is another make up look, to finish up my Primark make up tutorials for Halloween. This time in a really cute cat style!! I love the added greens and glitter for this look, as well as the Beauxoxo cat ears.

I hope you have been enjoying the first week and the 7 days so far. Every day this month there will be a video on my channel, so I would love your support! Any likes, shares or subscribers would be awesome.