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Accessories are a girls best friend | Thomas Sabo

  • Paige
  • September 27, 2017

No matter the season, an outfit is never complete without Accessories. That is why this look is all about the new Thomas Sabo pieces I am adoring. Even the most casual looks can look more put together with the right pieces. Below see how I style up a casual outfit with Thomas Sabo Jewellery.


Statement earrings are top on my list of fashion priorities right now. These little skull earrings have black stone detail and although delicate are also very unique with the small skulls. I try to keep my jewellery interesting and this grunge style is great for Autumn.


Thomas Sabo Ring and NecklacePaige Joanna Thomas Sabo accessories

The skull necklace is actually an incredible item as it’s a choker! The new choker collection on Thomas Sabo is not to be missed, as they are on trend but still maintain the quality and design of Thomas Sabo pieces. This skull design is great because it has an adjustable sliding clasp, meaning you can wear as a choker or like me here as a short necklace.


Paige Joanna Thomas Sabo ring

Paige Joanna Thomas Sabo Accessories

This Thomas Sabo ring caught my eye straight away as I love the black stone. This is a black solitaire style in a silver band. Out of all the pieces I chose, the ring is by far my favourite because it can be worn everyday for casual or dressed up outfits. Slightly larger rings can sometimes look very costume and not very elegant, but this one looks expensive and catches the light perfectly. That is another reason I love Thomas Sabo is the price point is amazing for the quality of the pieces.

Quality Accessories

Paige Joanna Thomas Sabo Accessories and Jewellery

With Christmas coming up and the season for party outfits, Thomas Sabo jewellery is a great option for gifts! As you can see by this outfit, the jewellery makes it. Even a simple jumper can be styled up with the right Accessories. I hope you liked seeing the collection and items I chose, even on a simple outfit they work so well. Let me know in the comments your favourite piece and what accessories are your goto things!