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Simple Date Night Ideas | Ft Ice Watch

  • Paige
  • July 23, 2017

When you live with your partner it’s easy to loose sight of valuable time together. Chris and I have both got very individual friendships, lives and work schedules which means our times clash. We make time for one another and value and appreciate it more. We like going on a Date Night whenever we can to have a laugh and do things we love together. I’ve listed a few budget friendly ideas that hopefully inspire some great moments to share with your love.

Golden Hour Walks

This is my favourite Date Night idea for Summer and Autumn. When the sun is low in the sky and the golden hour hits. I often drag Chris out of the house for a walk around different local parks, as London has so many gorgeous options. He isn’t always keen on walks but as soon as we get out it’s such a nice way to connect and unload any stress or conversations we’ve been sitting on.

I also treated Chris is an Ice Watch, as he’s been seeing my previous posts wearing them and wanted his own! I really love being able to treat him when I can, so a nice gift and then a simple Date Night idea can be a great and easy way to share the love.

Cinema Date

Chris and I definitely don’t go to the Cinema enough. It can be fairly expensive but when a new Marvel film comes out we always go together to see it. Since we got together over 6 years ago, it’s been one of our many traditions. We recently went to see the new Spider Man together and it was brilliant! Nothing beats time off your phone, holding hands and watching a new film you are both excited to see.

Cook a Nice Meal

Another great budget idea which can be done if you don’t live with your partner or already do! Take some time out one evening and plan out a nice meal for you both. Look up a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try, or cook your favourites! Either way, turn off your phones, light a candle and enjoy each others company.

So they are my simple Date Night ideas you can enjoy to take time out of hectic schedules. Making sure you spend time together is so important and I often have to remind myself to do so! Thanks to Ice Watch for our watches, we can do the cheesy ‘His and Hers’ outfit photos and show them off together. What is your favourite Date Night idea? Let me know in the comments.