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DIY Embellished Sliders | #PaigeJoannaDIY

  • Paige
  • May 28, 2017

This season sees the rise of the slider yet again. It isn’t a trend adored by everyone but I have found myself growing very fond of the style. With many to choose from I found myself thinking of ways to make my own. So in true form, here is another DIY on how to embellish a pair of sliders. It is super easy, requires no sewing and can be finished in under a hour!


  • Scissors
  • Plain pair of sliders – Primark £3
  • Multi pack of gems – Tiger
  • Glitter star patches – Ebay
  • Blue gems – Ebay
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic super glue

Watch the video to see how I create them >>>


  • Make sure to put a mat down or have something to rest the glue on between gluing.
  • Start by gluing the larger embellishments on, such as the stars.
  • Press on them firmly for at least 10 seconds for the glue to start to set.
  • Glue on the gems, put your hand or foot in the sandal to help with placement.
  • Give the glue plenty of time to dry.

And that’s it!!! They are so simple to create, everyone can do them. Have fun!


Paige Joanna DIY Embellished Sliders

Sliders style:

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