Paige Joanna

4 Days in Paris: Packing Guide

Next month I am all set for 4 Days in Paris with my boyfriend. I booked our Eurostar a few months ago way in advance and got a great deal on tickets. The small trip is a Christmas present but we are going over his birthday and our anniversary. Luckily my friend Cheryl lives there so we have somewhere to stay! With the excitement of my first time in Paris coming up I decided to plan a packing guide. This is perfect for anyone going away for a few days and loves fashion like I do. Often I over pack when I go anywhere so I am trying my best to stop doing this.

Mix & Match Outfit Ideas

When planning outfits for a trip away, it is easy to overpack. The outfits I have planned all started from individual items that I knew would work well together. I’m taking a mixture of new and old items, things I have brought for the trip and personal favourites.

The best thing to do when planning is to consider the final about the look. There needs to be room to alter it depending on the weather, what you are doing and any last minute plans. Choose clothing that is simple, with a couple of top options, bottom options, and key pieces. Watch my video to see exactly what I am taking and why.

 4 Days in Paris

The 4 days I have in Paris are going to be so much fun. If you have any great suggestions or must-sees then let me know in the comments. Being able to stay with my friend is great and I can’t wait to explore the most romantic city in the world!