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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | #PaigeJoannaDIY

  • Paige
  • November 23, 2016

The count down to Christmas is only a short time away and it’s the perfect time to think about making an Advent Calendar. There are so many lovely options for sale this year, but you can’t beat a personalised hand made one. It’s the first time I put my own together, after seeing a few variations on Pinterest. After deciding on an envelope style Calendar the res twas really simple. Here are the steps I took to make it, so you can have a go as well.


What You Will Need:

– Brown Envelopes – 25 from Paperchase

– An Embroidery or Craft Wooden Hoop

– Velvet Ribbon

– Twine/String

– Glue

– Tags

– Sequins

– Any other craft papers or stickers of your choice

– Present ideas and things to go inside

– Mini Pegs – Number ones from Tiger

– Glue Gun


Step 1:

Using a Glue Gun, start to wrap the velvet ribbon around the embroidery hoop. start at the top and glue every 5 or so wraps of the ribbon to hold in place. Keep doing this until the entire hoop is wrapped, making a really festive decoration base for the Calendar.


Step 2:

Write down some ideas of fun things to go inside the envelopes. I went for a mixture of Christmas themed things to do like dance to Christmas music, winter walk and pub for mulled wine. This is completely up to you and can be personal for the person you are making it for.


Step 3:

Start decorating your envelopes! The easiest way to get a great effect is by using metallic pens. I went for silver and gold polka dots on a selection of envelopes. These particular ones hold a mini cactus decoration inside, for going on the Christmas tree.

paige-joanna-diy-calander-step-4 paige-joanna-diy-calander-step-5

Step 4:

Make some fun messages to go inside. I did a mixture of tags in different colours to keep it varied. Simply use pens, paper or any materials you want to get creative. Tokens are the easiest thing to make, just remember to write down what you put in each day so you can prepare for it. I also made a silly Robin card with 3D beak, as Chris and I always draw each other funny doodles. It’s this kind of personality to your gifts that make it so entertaining.


Step 5:

Tie on 25 pieces of yarn to your hoop, spreading them evenly and tying in a double knot. Make them all various lengths and randomly place lengths at different parts of the hoop. One you have tied on all the 25 pieces, loop through onto the pegs and again, tie in a double knot. This will secure the pegs onto the string, which will then hold the envelopes.

And that’s it!

paige-joanna-advent-calander-diy-close-ups paige-joanna-calander-diy paige-joanna-diy-calander paige-joanna-diy-calander-envelopes paige-joanna-diy-sequin-tree

Once you have attached the pegs, find somewhere you want to hang it up. Start putting in your gifts and pegging on the envelopes to corresponding days. Again, make sure to keep a note of what day has what gift inside. It’s such a simple project you can easily achieve in a few hour sitting, on a rainy day. Have fun personalising your messages and making the count down to Christmas extra special for someone.