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DIY Embellished Shoes | #PaigeJoannaDIY

  • Paige
  • October 9, 2016

This season the catwalk saw many embellished styles, with coats, embroidered jumpers and shoes. Replicating catwalk trends is so easy with a few simple pieces of equipment. This DIY Embellished Shoes tutorial is perfect for anyone, if you are naturally creative or not. It’s an easy way to make your style on trend this season without breaking the bank.

What you need:

 photo Paige Joanna DIY Embellished Shoes What You Need_zpslmycjjsn.jpg

– A pair of leather or faux leather shoes
Fabric glue (strong)
– Butterfly patches – Ebay
– Vintage earrings or jewels (you can use bits of broken jewellery) – Amazon
– Beaded string of pearls – Amazon
– Scissors


1. Measure the strap and cut the beaded pearls to the right size.
2. Glue on half of the pearls and leave to dry laying down on the shoes side (the pearls will slip because of the wet glue if the shoe it upright).
3. Once dry repeat the glue process with the other side.
4. Clip on your earrings in the place you want them. If using gems or broken jewellery pieces then glue them onto place.
5. Glue on butterfly patches.
6. Leave to dry completely before wearing.

 photo Paige Joanna DIY Embellished Jewel Shoes_zpsumlowyek.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna Embellished Shoes_zpsfwdxh55w.jpg

DIY Embellished Shoes

If you are also loving this embellished shoe trend and make a pair, please share you creations with the hashtag #paigejoannadiy. I love to see your creations based on my tutorials.