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Denim Jacket Patch & Pin Badge / #PaigeJoannaDIY

  • Paige
  • May 25, 2016
Finally I have ‘finished’ my Denim Jacket Patch & Pin Badge Jacket! I have spent about a year collecting badges and pins and wanted to show you how I achieved this patched jacket with pin badges and pom pom trim. It has been so much fun putting together and collecting patches to match my personalty, there are some great ones available so it’s been hard to choose! See the steps I took to make mine, with some simple tips to make the process easier.

What you need:

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket DIY What You Need_zpskpjk5i1d.jpg

1. Pom Pom details make a great addition to a Denim Jacket DIY, as it’s common at the moment to see patches and pin badges on a jacket but this idea makes something more unique. I personally love bright colours so went for a rainbow multi coloured pom pom trim look. It is fairly time consuming sewing every individual PomPom on but I think the final effect looks great.

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Pom Pom Details_zpsyyata2rh.jpg

2. When ironing on your patches I highly suggest laying them all out first and exploring different places to put them until you are happy. Take a photo of this layout on your phone for reference, so when it comes to ironing you can move the jacket around and remember where you want to put them.

3. Some iron on patches may not be as strong so I highly suggest hand stitching them on. Also retro or Vintage ones may not have the iron on backing, so they will need to be sewn on!

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket DIY IRon ON Patches_zpshzyrpjkv.jpg

I have been collecting my badges and pins for over a year now and finally happy to put this blog post up! I am still growing my collection and will probably add more to this jacket and I am excited to keep adding. Badges, patches and pompoms can also look great on skirts, dresses and jeans so I have put together a place to shop similar styles ready made (for those that prefer to buy outright).

I will post again next year and show how my collection has grown even more!

 photo Paige Joanna Diy denim jacket details_zpsgkwn9jqf.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jackey DIY Outfit Movement_zpsziveqcri.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Pin Badges 2_zpsrk5wjxjk.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna DIY Denim JAcket_zpsz8tqw24g.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Red Skirt Pin Badges and Iron on Patches_zps3pywobv7.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Patch Outfit Red Skirt_zpsgidijpvw.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket DIY_zps1abykbxv.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket and Red Denim Skirt_zpsppvxarul.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Look_zpsveny4d38.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Jacket Pin Badges_zpsuv2j6hs9.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Red Hair_zpssi6a412w.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Denim Kacket Outfit_zpseumrxms0.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Patch Jacket_zpsmxwicqfy.jpg

Everything Featured:

Side Flowers – Etsy Lace Shine // Burger – Etsy // Sorry I’m Not Sorry – Rose Hound Apparel  //Time For Adventure Pineapple – Belsart Etsy // Avokitty pin badge – Ponyponypeoplepeople // Cookies – Ebay // Blue Flowers – Etsy Lace Shine // Top rose & 3 Ice Cream Badges – Sass & Belle // Leonardo Pin Badge – Rose House Apparel // Don’t be a dick pin badge – Veronica Dearly // Dolphin Badge – Tatty Devine (retro) // Pom Poms – Ebay

Denim Jacket – Dorothy Perkins