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ASOS & Zoella Pom Pom Jumper DIY / #PaigeJoannaDIY

Some of you may have seen this amazing ASOS Zoella Pom Pom jumper recently worn by the wonderful Zoella (as seen below). It was in my saved items for about a month, after it instantly took my eye. After Zoe wore it though, the jumper sold out and I was left slightly heart broken! So I took it upon myself to make my own version, with pastel coloured pom pom’s. I have photographed how I made it and it’s so simple anyone can do it. So not to worry, the original may be sold out but make your own and it can be even more quirky and unique.

 photo Paige Joanna Zoella Pom Pom Jumper_zpstpf6wjck.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Zoella PomPom Jumper DIY_zpsn4ybkqbb.jpg

What you need:

1. A Grey Jumper, long or cropped. (Below from Newlook £10 in the Sale)

2. At least 5 different coloured wools.

3. Pom Pom Maker (mine is from Ebay)

4. Cotton and needle.

5. Scissors

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Jumper DIY What You Need_zpsduo7wdpw.jpg

1. If your jumper is long, like the one I purchased, than simply measure and cut it to the required length. It should sit just about your hip bone.

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Jumper DIY cut cropped jumper_zps9jmsyxqo.jpg

2. Make several pom poms! I made 20 in total, 4 of each colour. This process can take a while but keep at it, it’s worth the patience.

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Making_zpsmfistjrd.jpg

3. Once all the pom pom’s are made, place the jumper flat on the floor and place the pom pom’s on it where you want them to go. Take a photo on your phone for reference, so when you start sewing you can see what colour needs to go where. Hand stitch each pom pom onto the jumper, doubling your thread so it’s strong.

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Jumper Sewing_zpslaswaker.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Jumper Pom Poms_zpsak7bwm6j.jpg

And that is it!! It is SO EASY to make and really doesn’t break the bank. I was sad not to get hold of the ASOS one, but I am just as happy with my hand made, unique and pastel version! Let me know what you think in the comments.

 photo Paige Joanna DIY Pom Pom Jumper Pastel_zps7oadnl9f.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Zoella Pom Pom Jumper_zpsfvoftsob.jpg

 photo Paige Joanna Pom Pom Jumper DIY_zpssyhd12lj.jpg