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Sugarhill Boutique Cherrie Dress & Cardie

  • Paige
  • December 24, 2015

The Christmas break has begun for me and I am spending it in Stratford Upon Avon with my Boyfriends family. I have nearly 2 weeks off to relax and enjoy time with family (and eat loads of food) and looking forward to wearing some new clothes fit for the occasion. This outfit is from one of my all time favourite brands Sugarhill Boutique, who I have featured on my blog several times

 photo paige joanna sugarhill boutique_zpsrvlrlsv2.jpg

 photo paige joanna close up_zps649atihs.jpg

 photo paige joanna sugarhill boutique cherry dress and cardie_zpst2ehmuxp.jpg

 photo paige joanna sugarhill close up_zps23bjyyer.jpg

 photo paige joanna sugarhill boutique cardie_zpseqojry72.jpg

 photo paige joanna christmas day outfit sugarhill boutique_zpsp1sosgks.jpg

 photo paige joanna sugarhill boutique 2_zpsogr7xtei.jpg

The outfit takes me back to last year where I enjoyed wearing pretty printed dresses a lot more! This year I feel like my style has developed somewhat a little more simple and grown up but I can’t help but fall in love with the dresses from Sugarhill. This cherry print in particular is very sweet and could be worn in the day (like this look), to work or in the evening with heels. I always love the quirky prints from here and know this will be another treasured one in my wardrobe. 

Dress and Cardie – Both Sugarhill Boutique

Boots – Misguided

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