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Chap Olympiad | Vintage Outfit

  • Paige
  • July 13, 2015
Paige Joanna Red Hair Sunlight
I had the pleasure of accompanying Joe (Unlimited JK) to a fantastic event over the weekend. It was the ‘Chap Olympiad‘, which is something I hadn’t heard of before. It is a fairly small all day affaire based in central London. I had no idea what to expect as the plans were a little last minute but knew the dress code was vintage of some description! So, that being said I was very excited to be involved.

Paige Joanna Vintage Duck Egg Blue Tea Dress
Paige Joanna Vintage Dress

Paige Joanna Vintage Outfit Blue Dress Topshop shoes

Paige Joanna Vintage Outfit London
Paige Joanna Unlimited by JK photography
Paige Joanna Joseph Kent Photography
Paige Joanna Topshop t-bar heels

Topshop t-bar mary jane heels cream

Paige Joanna Vintage Outfit, Dorothy dress

Paige Joanna London

Joe was looking as dashing as ever in a waist coat and tweed trousers. I opted for a summery vintage dress that rather resembles that of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (That is totally not the reason I brought it or anything…)! My outfit was very simple but I felt good in it. A pretty summer dress, Topshop t-bar heels and a cute wicker bag. 

It was great enjoying the entertainment and  I couldn’t stop laughing. All of the audience got involved by cheering and booing along! It was a day of complete silliness that was a joy to watch and feel like people could just have a good time. There were families there all dressed up, young and older people as well as the people who hosted, who were all amazingly talented and looked fab! 
I would definitely go along with lots more friends and really make a day of it. A picnic was a great idea and we enjoyed sipping on refreshing Pimms in the sunshine.

Paige Joanna London

Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015 Champagn Charlies

Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015
Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015
Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015
Paige Joanna, Chap Olympiad 2015