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Glorious day for coffee, cake and pink leather.

  • Paige
  • June 27, 2015
Paige Joanna Vendula Lonon Bag

Last weekend I spent Saturday with the lovely Arabella, who I have known now for 4 years because of Lookbook and the blogging world, mad! It had been a long time since we got to catch up so was lovely to meet up in a lovely area of London for coffee and cake. It’s apparent that we both enjoy (maybe a little too much) taking photos of London and it’s architecture, mainly in the form of pretty buildings and nice wild life. So as you can imagine when coming across this house full of flowers and pretty tiling I was smitten and had to take photos. 

Paige Joanna Arabella Golby cakes and coffee London

Paige Joanna Arabella Golby cakes and coffee London

Paige Joanna and Arabella golby shoes

London Paige Joanna

London Paige Joanna

As I knew I was meeting up with Arabella, and her style is pretty much Parisian perfection, I had a little bit of a dilemma of what to wear. I therefore kept it simple with a white lace top, black floaty skirt, lace up shoes and chucked over my pink leather jacket just to make it a bit more fun. I’m feeling a lot better about styling myself in plainer outfits as I think it sometimes means accessories and things are a lot easier to add to make the look more unique. For example the cottage bag from Vendula that I can’t stop admiring, will brighten any plain outfit! 

Top – Ark Clothing

Skirt – Topshop

Shoes – New Look

Pink jacket – Matalan

Magic Round About Brooches – Vintage

Cottage Bag – Vendula London 

Paige Joanna simple outfit pink leather jacket

paige joanna london

Paige Joanna Pink Leather Jacket, Topshop Skirt and Ark Top

Paige Joanna Cottage Bag

Lace Ark Top, Paige Joanna

Roses in London Paige Joanna

Paige Joanna Pink Leather Jacket Outfit

Pink Leather Jacket

New Look Lace Up ShoesPaige Joanna necklace detail