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So Shape 14-day Challenge

A few weeks ago I was contacted by So Shape to try out their incredible products. It came at a time when I had just returned from a holiday in France full of indulgences. I’ve felt really unhappy in my dietary habits and bloating each day. I saw So Shape as an opportunity for me to really change some bad habits and detox from lots of bad eating I had been doing. So with that in mind, I set myself up to 14 days of the So Shape plan.


So Shape is a challenge designed to be easy to follow and has several benefits of doing so. It consists of ‘Smart meals’ which are full of vitamins, proteins and more. The meals come in a powder form, much similar to that of the protein shakes most of us have all tried. Starting the challenge was a bit scary and I was nervous, as you’ll see in my YouTube video. It was more trying of the flavours I found tricky, as I am so set in my ways with my pallet. The first one I tried was the cappuccino flavour which was amazing. It tastes just like a coffee thats gone cold. The only thing I found tricky was the after taste, as it was slightly metallic. Actually drinking it though was pleasant enough and I found myself enjoying the chocolate brownie and mint choc chip flavour the most.

Week 1

During week one I had some low points. the first few days were hard and I did find myself having to add in a cheeky banana to keep me going. But as the week progressed it got easier to manager and I made sure my lunches filled me up for the rest of the day. I had things like quinoa salads with spinach, feta and beetroot as well as sandwiches and other things like that. The So Shape Instagram had some great colourful inspiration ideas for lunch options.

Another thing that really helped keep things interesting was the fruit infused water. My favourite was lemon and cucumber as it was fresh and delicate in taste. It was also a great sweetness I needed after the gym.

I found myself after week one less bloated then usual and as I was also cutting out gluten and dairy in my drinks and food it’s really helped detox myself even further.

Week 2

Week two had it’s ups and downs. Meet ups with friends made the lunch schedule hard. Luckily it says in the booklet you can swap and have a dinner instead of . lunch as long as it’s not all the time. I tried to keep to the challenge as much as possible around my busy schedule. It was easier to manage on days where I didn’t have any plans to pass food places or meet friends.

Water Infuser

By far my favourite thing about So Shape was the water infuser bottle! I’ve been meaning to try one for ages, and it was the perfect accompaniment to the challenge. It meant if I craved something sweet, I could have it without the guilt. I tried a few combinations such as lemon and cucumber, raspberries and blueberries and raspberries and lemon.

Results and overview of So Shape

Overall, So Shape was definitely a ‘challenge’. You have to be in the right mind set to undertake it in that it’s a commitment whilst doing it. I found myself finding days hard and having the odd snack in-between shakes. I’ll get the negative out of the way first though, as there aren’t many point to cover.

The savoury flavour options I didn’t like at all. The after taste was kind if strange like metallic, and the tomato flavour just tasted a bit acidic. Other then those flavours I was extremely happy in the quality of the brand, the sweet flavours and the entire simple process.

It’s made easy with the help of the booklet as it explains everything in easy words to understand it. I find trying new things like this can be intimidating and hard to follow, but this was as simple as abc.

Overall, I was happy to partake in the challenge, even if I didn’t do 100% I still managed to detox and feel cleansed afterwards. My main reasons for doing this was for that exact reason so I achieved what I set out. Working out became easier as I have had more energy since doing the challenge. I didn’t loose weight as such but my tummy feels flatter and I feel less bloated then I have in weeks.


For anyone like me, needing a detox or wants to shake this bloated heavy feeling then this is great. I wouldn’t use it as a weight loss programme but more of an aid to wellbeing, detoxing, energy boost and assist in your workouts. If you want to see more, then watch my video below. You can also get 10% off using my code PAIGEJOANNA10 so nows the perfect time to try it for yourself.

In collaboration with So Shape but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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