The New Greggs Salad Range Review

This week I had the opportunity to try out and taste the new range of Greggs Salad. Having a busy schedule and being out and about in London a lot, lunch is always an essential thing for me to buy on the go. Staying healthy is always a challenge when there as so many fast food options that aren’t good for you. So I put the Greggs salad to the test and have reviewed it against 4 other competitors, here is what I thought.

Greggs Salad

Greggs Salad

The Greggs salad I chose is the honey and mustard dressing chicken salad. Overall it was delicious and I am really pleased with the overall quality of it. I would 100% go back and eat this for lunch again. All the ingredients were fresh, crunchy and the chicken was moist! The dressing was a little bit acidic for my taste but the sun-dried tomatoes gave it a nice sweetness and made it more premium to others on the market. It was only only £3.50 so well worth the money!

Pret Salad

The majority of the time I do buy lunch from Pret but had never tried this particular salad. It was a bit more expensive at £4.50 but I don’t think it was worth the money. The Greggs salad is much better value and i’ll explain my thoughts for this. Firstly, the chicken was dry and the salad leaves were dry which was disappointing. I didn’t understand the need for the nuts or olives as there wasn’t enough of them to make it worth while. The one thing I did like was the addition of the parmesan cheese, that was the best part of it. Overall, it was okay but not worth the price tag compared to other Pret food options, or new Greggs Salad.

Starbucks Salad

The Starbucks salad was disappointing all over to be honest. They didn’t have a chicken one and trust me I looked in 3 different Starbucks stores to find a similar one. I ended up buying a plain vegetable one and it just wasn’t worth the £4.80 or whatever it was! No more comments needed.

M&S Salad

At M&S I was surprised with the little salad options available, a lot of them were either small snack pots or pasta dishes like this one. I ended up getting the Chicken and bacon pasta salad because it was the only similar option to compare. The chicken was lovely and moist and at only £3.20 I think it was good value for money. The only down side to me was that I didn’t actually want or eat the pasta, as it was bland and stogy. The overall taste was okay, but a bit peppery. Overall it was fine but still not something I would go for again.

Boots Salad

The only salad in boots that resembled the Greggs one to compare was their ‘Shapers’ Chicken salad which has only 162 calories. It is the cheapest one at only £3 but you definitely get what you pay for. the dressing was horrible, I can’t even explain why, it just didn’t taste right at all. Chicken was very plain with not much flavour. The best thing about it was the crunchy croutons but overall the entire salad was really bland and plain and I wouldn’t want to at it again.

In summary, the Greggs salad range is great value for money and was one of the best on the market. It was great fun to spend 5 days reviewing 5 different lunches. It made me realise how different a chicken salad could be based on its variety of combined ingredients and flavours.