Paige Joanna Not On The High Street Wedding Event

Not On The High Street Wedding Event is the go to place for any personalised and unique gifts. So when I got an invite to their Wedding Event, I knew it was going to be amazing. Below is a round up of all the awesome things at the event.

Personalising your day

 photo Paige Joanna crown and glory_zpsz8zkzpuo.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna Not on the high street charlotte heels_zpshouxcksv.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna Not On The High Street wedding dresses_zpsxy58ri3z.jpg
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Your wedding day is supposed to be whatever you want it to be like. Every couple is different and really embrace everyones own personal style. Personalisation of gifts, decor and themes on your day comes easy when shopping on If you want your cutlery engraved, a hand painted sign to welcome guests or hearts to write on instead of a guest book, there are so many ideas.

I really love supporting small brands and has so many to choose from, with quirky and unique things to choose from. Below are a few of my favourites from the event that are all available on the website.

The Wedding Event

 photo Paige Joanna NOTHS balloons_zpsyctw6pxs.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna NOTHS light_zpsptnz0ld3.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna NOTHS table plan_zpsqk8cbhgu.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna noths confetti_zpslizntfp7.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna NOTHS event table plan wedding_zpsbncz3xfk.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna noths event_zpsggptv6cc.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna Not On The High street_zpsf0j3gbu9.jpg
 photo Paige Joanna Not On The Highstreet Event_zpseq4xwzja.jpg
The event itself gave me so much inspiration for my own wedding day, which is now set for May 2019!! I can’t believe I actually have a date now, meaning I can slowly but surely start planning for my day. The themes at the event I particularly liked were botanical and sorbet colours. Both had elements I loved within them and I will definitely be popping these on my Pinterest ideas board.

I hope the snippets of this event inspire you also not only for weddings but for other creative projects.




  1. This looks amazing, I love the balloon aisle. Planning my wedding at the moment – next summer is the big day.
    Problem is inspiration overload! So many ideas but not enough money in the budget/coherent ideas.

  2. Congrats on setting a date! I’m not anywhere near getting married (I’m not even in a relationship right now) but nonetheless I loved this post! There are so many beautiful things! Sounds like a lovely event.

    1. Aww Natalie, it’s so good that you loved the pst though and before I was engaged I had a Pinterest board ofr weddings haha xx

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