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Millennial Marketing & Why It’s Constantly Changing

As you may already know I recently went into the big wide world of freelance life. As a Millennial working in the field of Social Media and Marketing I feel my life is always rapidly changing. We have access to so much at our fingertips and many people have benefitted from this way of life. Keeping up with how this industry progresses is relentless but can mean access to contacts, communication with brands and growth in the social industry. Below is a video from 4imprint that talks about Millennial approach to brands and how online marketing is influencing this generation of internet users.

Engaging with Brands

Having worked on both sides of the spectrum, communicating with online influencers and bloggers in my PR roles, as well as being a blogger myself I have first had experience in both areas. The way we engage with brands is always changing but it’s become a part of everyday normality for most people. If you experience amazing service or bad service it’s becoming natural to share that online for others to see. It’s fast paced, news hungry and addictive culture that we all indulge in.

Being a blogger means building good relationships with brands and a readership. Being able to contact people on the go anywhere in the world is why so many of us now can call blogging our business. It is the access we have to contacts and networking that makes Millennial Marketing more challenging than ever before. There are amazing benefits to this lifestyle but it can also be a hinderance. With the over saturation of people sharing and creating, how do you get your voice heard?

Millennial Marketing

So what is Millennial Marketing? The video above shares a few insights into what it is. Marketing in it’s most simplistic form is the growth of a business using public resources to share the message using advertising. Online marketing has become the way of the future and is an everyday part of life for Millennials. We market ourselves online using apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other sites. This access to hot topics at a fast and rapid pace is constantly changing and working in the field means keeping up with the movement.

It will constantly change and it’s fun to follow the journey. Everyday we don’t know what will be posted, go viral or new hot news so everyday is different. For me I like to keep up with it by engaging with brands on Social Media. What is Millennial marketing to you and how does it effect your life? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.




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