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Tips to help you to Buy Petite Occassion Wear

Weddings, balls, corporate dinners and other special events are great fun. Events like this give you a chance to step outside of your everyday look, and really dress up in Occassion Wear.

However, if, like me, you are petite, these types of events can also present something of a challenge. Unfortunately, not a lot of retailers sell occassionwear that fits me properly. It is kind of frustrating when you find the perfect dress, or suit, in your size. Only to try it on and discover that it sits all wrong because it is not tailored with petite women in mind. So below are some tips to help out fellow petite ladies!

Paige Joanna Occasion Wear Petite Tips Paige Joanna Occassion Wear Petite Tips

Be ready to get out your needles

Over the years, I have got used to the fact that a lot of retailers do not really cater for petite woman. As a result, I know that the chances are I am going to have to adjust what I buy if I really want to look my best. Luckily I can sew but I know this isn’t always the case for many. If you love a dress always seek advice from a dress makers for alterations.

Shop early

The fact that whatever I buy is likely to need adjusting has got me into the habit of shopping early for any special occasion, or event, I am attending. This gives me plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments or pay a seamstress to do it for me. Most things I can do myself but for more structured items this can take longer.

Shopping early is, in fact, a good idea for everyone. Because it is very rare that you will find an outfit that fits you perfectly, regardless of your body type, or size.

Consider buying separates

Sometimes it is easier to find something suitable if you buy separates. Doing this allows you to buy the top half of your outfit in one size and the bottom half in another size. Often if you look around you can find a skirt that is short enough not to need adjusting, and pair it with a jacket that also fits you properly.

If you particularly want to wear a dress focus on shorter styles first. It’s more likely these will look great without needing much, if any, adjustment. Generally speaking, dresses that have a pleated or flared skirt are far more likely to fit you, you may see me wearing a lot like this. Skater, shift and A-line dresses are a particularly good place to start your search.

Ask for guidance

When you can, ask a shop assistant what they recommend. They will be able to quickly guide you to the items in their range that are most likely to work best for you.

It is also worth asking this question online. These days, lots of stores have live chat boxes on their websites. Again, if you get to speak to a knowledgeable assistant you can save yourself a lot of time scrolling through clothes that you know are not suitable.

If you would like more ideas to help you to buy an outfit for the next special event you are planning to attend, this article is a particularly good source of information. It is quite comprehensive, and includes tips that will help you when you want to buy Occassion Wear.


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