Summer Party Planning Tips & Advice

Summer is the season to party outside, meet up with friends and enjoy the glorious longer days. If there is one thing I love doing, it’s planning a party or event. You may have seen my ‘How to plan a craft event‘ blog post a while ago, so I decided to write another for Summer Party Planning!


The first thing to do in any event planning is to choose the venue. Summer Party Venues are definitely easier to choose from, because you have the choice of in or outdoor. Check out websites such as Venue Seeker for a helping hand to get you started on your search. You can choose location, select what type of event it is and how many guests you have. Before looking make sure to have an estimated guest list with number of guests, this will make it easier to select the right venue.


When planning your party it might help give you focus to have a theme in mind. Setting a party theme is an ideal way to make a party memorable and refine your search. For example a summer party could be a seaside theme, botanical theme or festival theme. Giving yourself that restriction actually helps planning an event much easier.

Summer Party Planning

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Any organising of any kind should always have a check list of some kind. I live by making spread sheet lists on Google Drive, so I can easily share them with people if needed. Write a list for guests and mark if thy are coming or not, or you can use Facebook to create an event to make it easier. List out decorations you need, food, entertainment, budget, todo list, caterers and any other extra things you need to keep on track of everything.


The entertainment or party activities will be what keep people happy and make the party a success. For summer parties be imaginative with your choices, maybe a pool party, outdoor games or ice cream bar. There are so many ideas on Pinterest, so I always use those to help me think of something unique.


And finally, it’s all about the personal touches and finer details. These things can set your party apart from the rest. For example, make a guest book for people to sign, get a photo booth or make your own or hand make a personalised decorative banner.

I hope the tips and advice for Party Planning has helped you feel inspired. Summer Parties can be so much fun and doesn’t need to be a stressful experience organising. Enjoy the sunshine, company of great people and get yourself planning an event to remember.



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