Feeling fruity.

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Hello peeps, I hope you are all happy and well! Today’s post is a bit of a mixture after I have had a few random days off over the past couple of weeks and not enough time to structure any kind of post or fun things to show you. I’m so glad the seaside breeze has picked up and the nights are slightly cooler now, making it lovely to go out in after a sticky day. I couldn’t help myself but to paddle and enjoy the orange glow of the sun getting lower in the sky. This time of year that is my favourite thing, as well as drinking tea, which of course is an all year round favourite of mine.

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I was sent this lovely brew to try out, as I must be getting a reputation for drinking tea all the time! The one I got to taste is a fair trade afternoon English tea, sent with a quirky and cute elephant caddy from Museum Selection. I made it how I usually do with milk and 1 sugar and it has a mild taste, not as strong as I usually like but perhaps I didn’t squeeze the tea bag enough! It was lovely to have fair trade tea though and i’ll be using the elephant in my kitchen from now on along with all my other tea cups and sets, can’t get enough!

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Black and white Kimono and shorts set – Asos

Yellow top – Miss Selfridge

Black dolly shoes – Primark

Fruit bag – Thrifted 

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