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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

 photo 96d65bab-eb4f-4fda-8e00-5f2997b97a49_zpse43fdb7f.jpg
Out with the old in with the new... or perhaps hold on to the old as well as getting newbies. Thats the theme for today's post and I have New Look to thank for this. Being a rather nostalgic lover I was delighted when they suggested this idea to me that everyone has a 'old' dress in their wardrobe that they can't seem to scrap. For me, it's all about sentimental value as well as simple things like comfort and accessibility. My old dress I can't seem to chuck away is this floral pretty photographed below, with lace neck detailing. It is about 4 years old and I brought it from Primark for £5!!! It was a cheap and cheerful purchase at the time and I never knew it would become my go to comfy dress. Even my boyfriend Chris calls this 'The Paigey Dress' because I wear it when I have no motivation, am doing nothing with my day or just fancy something comfortable and easy, it's a winner in all those. Considering it is a Primark cheapy, it's still in pretty good condition as well, so fair to say it has a little while longer until the end of it's shelf life.

When it comes to new, you guys know I am a shopaholic and fashion obsessed that just has to have new in items all the time! It is a bit of an addiction to be perfectly honest. However, I may get new things quite a lot but it is rare these things will have longevity in my wardrobe. I am pretty flaky with most of my clothes apart from the sentimental ones I love and wear over and over.

 photo eb082bef-4145-4e75-99f5-cdf0f8f62754_zpsa82ac8e9.jpg
 photo 4e02bf63-b605-4437-8fa5-ff29b1b25d6c_zpsfa1c6168.jpg
 photo IMG_0575_zpsf8199e86.jpg
Floral white dress - c/o New Look
Mint Jumper - SheInside
Pink Jelly Shoes - c/o Alive & You at StylistPick
Leggings - Primark
Necklace - A Midnight Wonderland

So New Look set me the task of choosing something (from them of course), that I believe may end up being a throwback dress. I chose a delicate floral number, something perfect for me and something I know I'll always like. Each season, no matter what the trends are, give me a floral dress and a jumper and I'm happy! This one is more of a summer dress so I probably wouldn't wear it all year round, however it will see many happy sunny days this year and lets hope the year after that, and the year after that...!

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  1. I love both of these outfit!! You are such a doll Paige!! :) xo

  2. The necklace is cool :) And the dresses are pretty :* <3

  3. This dress is so pretty! :) I'm loving newlook at the moment and this sounds like a great blogging project :D Gisforgingers xx

  4. We love to see that you're still loving the necklace! It looks amazing with the minty jumper and floral dress.

    // A Midnight Wonderland

  5. Both dresses are absolutely adorable! Floral patterns are so great for spring!

  6. Your hair looks so amazing <3

  7. Such adorable outfits!
    Your outfits are always so lovely.
    Love the florals paired with jelly shoes!


  8. I have quite a few bits in my wardrobe that have been there for years that I still wear. I don't add to much to the wardrobe at the moment but I'm a little confused about where I want to take my style so I'm just not shopping. I do have a tendency to get rid of the clothes I no longer where and not replace them so at the moment my wardrobe is a little bare.

  9. This is a lovely dress - well, they both are. I know I definitely have things in my wardrobes which I can't bear to part with and yet I don't wear anymore.