Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring has sprung.

 photo DSC_0071_zps63ead843.jpg
As promised, here is my outfit from the lovely picnic last week. all images were taken mostly by Rebecca and some from Adora, sorry girls can't remember which ones but I love them all!
It was such a gorgeous day and usually I would wear a pretty dress but I thought i'd go for something a little different. For me, I find jeans a lot harder to style and to pull off comfortably as well, however these light denim joni ones from Topshop are perfect for me. I love the fact they are soft and stretchy much like a pair of leggings and they have the structure and fit of jeans. I wanted to wear this really cute cake tshirt from Sheinside as it matched the days events perfectly and I feel like it's perfect for spring. As I only really had a green or black bag whilst in London I didn't want to look completely out of colour coordination so I ended up wearing my thin green cardie from H&M. I then lovingly paired my glittery jelly shoes with frilly socks and I was good to go! I feel like I may be seen styling jeans a lot more on my blog, I feel like they enhance what little shape to my figure I have and feel a bit more grown up. We shall see!

 photo be0fa63d-09f1-4482-a967-2cda5caa238c_zps796dc235.jpg
 photo aaeab731-86df-401e-a440-3d86fb0233de_zps4e967553.jpg
 photo d2484dc1-75f8-49e4-bc7a-eae76085eca1_zpse78b165e.jpg
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 photo ab61bf16-61e8-4334-b0a4-7bd54bd15e07_zps72490623.jpg
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 photo IMG_8734_zps200e9120.jpg
 photo e0cd5a31-9e9a-4eb0-9133-26c5221069c9_zpsb5384397.jpg
 photo a4d96fa6-6458-43d6-bd32-728b8f98739a_zps213c989e.jpg
 photo IMG_8776_zps23a5380e.jpg
Cake top - She Inside
Green Cardie - H&M
Light Denim Jeans - Topshop
Socks - Primark
Jelly Shoes - Juju at schuh
Hat - Rebeccas 
Necklace - Eclectic eccentricity 


  1. Such pretty photos, Spring makes everyone so happy! x

  2. Very cool pics and super cool outfit too
    Good job!

  3. lovely pictures! looks like you had a brilliant day :)! xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  4. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Very spring themed!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  5. This outfit is so gorgeous, but you hair just looks stunning! I have to learn how to do it :)

  6. eeeee love these what a perfect day, that t-shirt is just adorable xxx

  7. Absolutely spectacular Paige! x

  8. gorgeous photos and such a lovely outfit! xx

  9. love your t-shirt, that outfit suits you well :)

  10. Really cute outfit.
    Love the necklace.
    And the photos are really pretty with the daffodils.


  11. you look so pretty!!
    love the shirt :)

    Alice's Pink Diary

  12. The flowers are so perfect! It's still snowy where I am, but this post definitely has me craving some spring!

  13. oh Paige <3 these photos are so romantic ! i love the light :) you look lovely tho!

  14. They look like that super high waisted jeans from Topshop, if they are I adore them. I have a pair in the colour :) Most comfortable jeans.

    ~ K

    1. they are joni from topshop i said it in my post lol xx

  15. Absolutely stunning! Those joni jeans look amazing on you, really suit your figure and also loving the daffodils :D