Silver Linings.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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Some times life can have it's ups and downs and I know for over a year now I have had so many lows and highs. Lately I have been trying out a more positive mind set, which hasn't been easy and it is so easy to slip back into being lethargic and moody! Because of my illness I find it hard to stay motivated and happy but the past week I have been trying my best to do little things that make me smile and break up my day. On Saturday it was lovely to get out into the winter sunshine and to make the most of the day. I went and met Chris and our friend Matt for a roast dinner at one of the seaside restaurants, it was so yummy! Going out and doing small things like this are really helping me to keep positive and get on with my life not purely focusing on my pain. There is always a silver lining to every bad situation I believe. 
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Grey Jumper - Newlook (generation section Jan sale)
White collared blouse - Choices
Mint green jeans - Topshop (Ebay)
Silver flat pumps - Topshop January Sale
Silver Satchel - Ebay 

Speaking of silver, my outfit is shining away in the light of the winter sun with the silver accessories. I am loving the fresh look of metallics with spring like pastel colours. The mix is a complete joy to my eyes and I am hoping you all share that with me! Granted, silver is probably one of those quick in and quick out fashion styles but I really am taking a shining to it (get it)!
The mint green jeans were a bargain I got on Ebay, they are originally from Topshop and are the LEAH style ones, I ended up paying about 6 pounds for them! I think they go perfectly with the shoes. I wanted to wear a darker jumper just so I wasn't so wishy washy in my colour pallet and feel like the combination has gone really well, what do you think? 


  1. Love your outfit, great location for a shoot too!

  2. Love this outfit, so pretty :) want those jeans!

    Lisa xx

  3. I''m loving the pops of silver, and so proud you managing and trying to stay positive through your illness, that can't be easy at all. Being so open and honest about being moody etc takes a lot of courage and it's very touching hun. Hoping things pick up soon! can't wait to see u soon xxxx

  4. Love the outfit and the location :)

  5. Your so pretty, i love your jumper <3

  6. Ah those shoes are lovely, what a bargain! xx

  7. Love this outfit! The cool colours make a great contrast to your hair and the shiny silver accessories look fabulous. X

  8. You look beautiful Paige! Those jeans are such a gorgeous colour! x

  9. Love that first picture of you Paige, you look so happy and lovely!


  10. wow!! You got those jeans for a steal!! and you look so pretty in them! I also love the little splashes of silver!! you are too cute paige! xo

  11. lovely post, you really suit the metallic trend - I hope I can get into it!

  12. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    :D Nice blog!!

  13. I love the pairing of pastels and silver! You look fab xo

  14. Paige, you look great and soo soooo fresh. I know you don't probably want to hear/read it, but without the eyeliner, it's a totally new look. More delicate, I'd say. :)

  15. Such a gorgeous fresh look, perfect for spring :D


  16. Very lovely stuff :) !