Date Night with Claire’s

Wow, time flys and I am being super crappy with my blog aren’t I, sorry about this guys. Yet again I have had really bad health flare up and just spend my time doing the necessities and wouldn’t want to force myself to blog. Today’s post is up a little later than I wanted but the amazing Claire’s sent out a fantastic Valentines goodie bag for me and my lovely boyfriend to use. 
I got some face masks, an eye mask, heart earrings, a heart bun maker, we’re the Millers on DVD and a Pizza Express voucher! Pretty much the perfect essentials for any date night out and in, so that;’s exactly what me and Chris did. 

3 photos from Instagram on our date night and trying out the heart bun!

 photo datenight_zps9ceda0b4.jpg

First, we headed to our local Pizza Express for dinner and neither of us ended up ordering Pizza haha! It was yummy though and after eating lots we trekked it home in a storm. We were happy to get home and dry and was very much looking forward to the snuggle palace (I like to call it that) which is my sofa, a hot water bottle and a blanket.  

 photo IMG_8008_zps4eec1070.jpg

These were the masks we got and Chris wanted the less girlie peel off one, which ended up just making his face look REALLY greasy so I didn’t get any photos of him haha. My one looks questionable but smelt amazing and after wards my skin was so soft. The we’re the Millers film was surprisingly brilliant, we weren’t expecting much if I’m honest but my god we found ourselves laughing at so many parts, perfect date night film material. 

 photo IMG_8009_zps88ed3fdb.jpg

 photo IMG_8018_zpsfe6fc1e3.jpg

If you have a boyfriend. girlfriend or best friend why not pop to your local claires and grab some last minute valentines day treats! I had such a lovely night and all it took was a few small items to make it an exciting date!


  1. Those peely masks are so weird, I find that they don't do ANYTHING for my skin and they just make me look like a weirdo balloon face for half an hour. Was the chocolate one any good?

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