Cute Wedding Event & Pinafore DIY

Friday, 14 February 2014

 photo f989a019-9b48-42b1-b8ef-802742a076e5_zpse5f849af.jpgLast weekend I had the joy of accompanying my brother and his fiance to a local wedding fair, as it was only up my road it would be rude not to tag along! I got my camera ready as knew i'd probably snap away but my god did I love everything I saw! It makes me want to become a wedding planner or better yet, actually get married and have a wedding (keep dreaming Paige). So I thought you lovely lot would like to share the event with me so I have added loaddddssss of photos to this post for you to 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' at all the pretty things. As i'm posting this on valentines day as well, it kind of makes perfect sense! 

 photo 75f702ef-31f2-41cc-b4df-03f46f55c7d6_zps32ef3829.jpg

I wore my hand made dungaree heart pocket dress. After completing it and making it myself I was so proud and it instantly became my favourite item of clothing I own, especially as it has perfect pastel hues for Spring/Summer! As it is still very cold I layered it over a long sleeved blouse, tights and chucked on my favourite tan cardie and wedged shoes for a simple but girlie look. I will try and get some sort of 'DIY' up for you on how to do this dress but because it was quite complicated to make I ended up stopping photo taking so may think of something a bit similar but just as cute. 

 photo 60f4a2a3-8fd7-4d9d-9f44-e9ac6795fd3e_zps0ce34b82.jpg photo 29638d78-07fb-4365-a2eb-ccb4abc75754_zps87e13940.jpg

Blue Heart Pocket Dungaree Dress - Hand made by myself 
White blouse - Choices
Cardie & Tights - Primark
Wedge shoes - Asda


  1. Everything just looks so wonderful. You look divine Paige, I love your dress! x

  2. Interesting wedding fair, looks very vintage style, Love those lace bags. Well done for making your dress yourself. Your hair really stands out. Gorgeous!

  3. you look so lovely, perfect pastel shades, this dungerees dress is awesome <3
    And I was like 'aaaaahhh' and 'wow' all the time when watching those photos! These items are so cute and so gorgeous...

  4. Aww the wedding fair looks so incredible!
    The hair pieces were so elegant.
    And your dress you've made is so good.


  5. That dress is so cute!! So many pretty things at the wedding fair too xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  6. I think you'd make a great wedding planner Paige, your style and creativity give you that eye for little detail. And hey, you never know, you and your man seem to be a super happy couple.. I'd love to see what you do for your own wedding! xx

  7. That dress looks SO gorgeous on you <3

  8. well i certainly did ooo and ahhh at those photos! They all look so gorgeous and so grateful for the links too! your dress is so cute, i can't believe you made it and i agree such a beautiful colour :)

  9. Awww, it all looks so lovely, makes me want to get married again!!! :)
    Sweet outfit, very fitting for the day! :)

  10. Oh my, those bouquets are do gorgeous. I think I need the button one just for every day wear!
    I would love to see a DIY of how you made the pinefore, it looks great.

    I don't know if I have already said, but I am loving the dipdye on your hair!!

    ~ K

  11. Oh, there are so great pieces!
    And your outfit looks good, too :) <3


  12. Hi! love your blog ! just wondering how you got the twitter widgets, I love them so much!

  13. Cute outfit :)

    love the photos, I particularly like the paper flowers bouquet, my cousin had button bouquets at her wedding, they are such a fun and unique idea :)

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  15. wedding is such exciting time <3 i see so many things i wish i had even if i don't have a bf haha :) the fair looks so lovely, really :)
    you look also perfect for the occassion, so classy and beautifull <3

  16. I love this dress and would love to have a go at making something similar!! Gisforgingers xx

  17. Beautiful pictures, looked like a wonderful day!
    I can see why you're dress is your favourite item of clothing - It's gorgeous! xxx