Heat wave.

I don’t know about anyone else but this Heat wave is REALLY starting to bother me. I know us Britt’s really love a moan about the weather but seriously not used to this kind of warmth! I have been on medication for a few days and that mixed with the heat is making me feel so sick (in fact I actually puked last night, nice I know)!!
The only glamorous thing about this weather is getting a nice golden glow in the sunshine and the breezy evenings. Living by the seaside does make up for the sweaty heat when you can go to the beach and feel the lovely breeze in your hair.

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Heat wave photoshoot

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the seafront and take some photos with a lovely chap David Buxton (will put all his links at the end of the post). We did a mixture of some photoshoots, and I think this look was one of my favorites of the day! The skirt made me feel like a boho princess mixed with a walking mermaid.. not that that exists!

 photo 820dcfc2-e2dd-429c-8ab8-27300c6919e2_zps3279a2ff.jpg

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Floral bralet, Lashes of London // Blue chiffon maxi skirt, Karma Clothing // Black chunky heels, Urban Outfitters (about 3 years ago)! // Head band, Roses & Clementines // Necklace, Paige Joanna Etsy

My outfit consists of this beautiful bralet crop top from Lashes of London in a fab floral print. It has a black zip at the back a pink trim to finish it off. I was really surprised at how much I loved the fit on my smaller bust as usually this style can be hard to pull off. Usually I tend to think strapless wont look good on my frame but this worked well. The flowery print is so bright and summery making it a great statement piece. I teamed the top with this floaty blue skirt from Karma clothing and chunky wedges from Urban Outfitters. The look didn’t need many accessories but I couldn’t resit some finishing touches of a flower crown and one of my hand-made flower necklaces. I hope you like the photos, Dave did an amazing job.



  1. Paige, you are an absolute joy to work and a delight to photograph. We were both surprised by how well these pictures came out and see them here makes all we did so worth while. Thank you for opportunity and I look forward to see more from you here and working with you again in the future. X

  2. You definitely remind me of Ariel from the Little Mermaid here 🙂 So gorgeous! I'm actually a little envious of the weather the UK is having right now- here in California where I live by the coast, it definitely hasn't been hot at all and I kind of miss having more warmth as that's what I'm used to. It's weird having to wear sweaters & scarves in July! x


  3. What a stunner you are Paige and these photos are gorgeous! I wish I lived by the seaside in this weather. I commute into London for work and the underground has been hell on earth!

  4. Lovely photos! But don't complain about the weather!! We're getting none of it up in Shetland and it's all I'm seeing online/on the news etc 🙁 Would kill for a bit of the sunshine.

  5. This outfit is SO stunning, i honestly think its my favourite outfit that I've ever seen you in!….did I mention I love it!? haha. But I know what you mean about the heat..I'm not complaining about the sunshine, just the mugginess…if the temperature could just cool down for a couple of days I would appreciate the heat sooooo much more when it came back!!


  6. Oh hi again, just doing the blogging rounds 😉
    Okay, so this outfit is just another level. You're a true mermaid! I adore the top, and with the skirt it's just the perfect combo. You look so free and beautiful, so pretty and lovely <3

    So glad you got some amazing photos xx

  7. Dearest Paige,

    ahhhh I am simply in love with this! Dave did a fantastic job! this outfit is just mermaid madness I love it!! a walking mermaid indeedy do! love all it! that bralet is sooo gorgeous! I am in complete of awe! xxxxx

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