Raspberry Rocker.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy Friday Everyone, I am super happy today because I don't have the horrible feeling knowing I have to work tomorrow, as I have the day off hurray!!!
So, my look today is inspired by the fellow lookbooker Lua P, I have always been a fan of her style and today I wanted to try and layer things like she does. I know I will never be as popular or pretty but she is such an inspiration.
My top is from YOUR EYES LIE. and to be honest I bloomin' love it!
I layered it over the top of a vintage scarf print shirt, I got from a charity shop for £1 :)
The tights are from Primark for £2.50
Velvet Flatforms are from ASOS; £25
Hope you like it!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello everyone!
Today has been miserable, the weather is horrid here and my day hasn't been much better to be honest! So much work to do until deadline's on Monday. But hey ho, what has cheered me up is receiving this gorgeous dress in the post, courtesy of AXPARIS.
It has a lovely crochet waist detailing and the skirt is quite flowy. It feels really nice on and would be a perfect summer dress to have in the wardrobe!
I layered it with my black jumper from H&M, my DIY peter pan collar and wedges. 
I hope you like it!
Also sorry If you came on my blog today, it was all messed up but the lovely Charlotte fixed it for me :)

My Illustration work In an online magazine :D

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

 Hello again, SO I AM OVER THE MOON RIGHT NOW, Just had my Illustrations submitted into this awesome online magazine! It is a 4 page spread with an interview and my favorite images. 
Please check them out for me as would mean a lot and I am so thrilled to have my work in there mag :') Means so much to me, check it out. Link is below.

Sweet as lavender.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy saturday everyone!
I have been at work today like usual, but when I came home I had a package, inside was this lilac top I brought from Ebay at £3... I couldn't believe how much of a bargain it is. As pastels are in right now, lilac is the only colour pastel I can really pull off on my skin tone.
Hope you like it.
I wear it with;
Denim look shorts - NEWLOOK £14
Frill edge socks - TOPSHOP 3 for £8
Wedges - PRIMARK £16

My little vintage tea cups :)

Your like a shot of pure gold.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hello everyone, Hope your Friday the 13th isn't going to bad for you!
Today I went shopping with my sister :)
It was nice to take my mind off some of my University work and buy a few things.
I got this mustard/Gold dress from Primark - £6 pounds - Bargain!
It has a lovely crochet top and the back is open with a little button attaching it to the top.
I teamed it today with my little heart cardie I stole from my sister haha, to add a playful touch to the look and black heels to make it less casual.
Hope you like. Comment below :)

my hand looks really old lol. 

Cats eyes - Youreyeslie top.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hello again, 2 posts in 1 day... I know right. 
This is another item from Youreyeslie and I just adore it. Another newbie to Spring/Summer 2012 and I think it would make a great daily piece in any girls wardrobe. As it is a simple cat print design you can wear it dressed up or down. I decided to make my look quite playful by layering a floral collared top underneath to add some individuality to the top. Keeping the rest of it simple with denim shorts (customized myself with studs) and then the Velvet flatforms from Asos.
What I love about this top is it is one that wont really go out of fashion as it is black and white, quirky but still keeping it simple so you can layer it with anything. With most youreyeslie tee's the stitching is different and unique, with black thread on the back center seam, It is these things that really give the top personality. 
Hope you like it!
Check out their website - http://www.youreyeslie.com/

My cats being cute :)


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hello lovey people, Been at work today so I am feeling really tires, How are you today?
This look was a bit of fun, I loved wearing this waist coat and mixing it with the red shoes and lipstick! I got this dress from Ebay, It has the old Topshop label inside haha! I will class it as vintage ;)
Anyway hope you like it, any questions do not hesitate to comment xxx