Friday, 24 August 2012

Light as a feather - Featuring Motel Rocks.


Hello chums! I have had a splendid and productive week. Yesterday I went to visit my amazing boyfriend in Oxford for the day, his family drove there from his hometown in Stratford Upon Avon to meet me half way from Portsmouth just for the day. It was so lovely to see him after 5 weeks apart, we had a lovely meal out for lunch and did a spot of shopping! Another 8 days and he will be moving back to Portsmouth to live again for the University semester. So very excited and thrilled to get him back!!

Feather playsuit - Motel Roack £18
Blazer - Primark
Heels - Newlook

Enough of the soppy talk, what I wore today; This brilliant feather print playsuit from MOTEL ROCKS. I wore it with a black blazer for a preppy kind of style with raspberry colour ankle socks and heels (When I went out I wore some black brogues). Motel Rocks are known for there luxurious prints and amazing shapes and cut of clothing. I personally like there playsuits as they make great casual or going out pieces. What do you think?

Other Motel Rocks Goodies I would love!

Hope you like today's post, let me know what you think! :)



  1. You two make such an attractive couple!


  2. Just stumbled across your blog and soooooo glad I did! you have amazing style, love literally everything you wear... if I give you my address can you send me every item of clothing you own please!? haha. you and your boyfriend make a really cute couple, can't believe how long it's been since you've seen him! definitely couldn't cope if I was in your situation but it's good you don't have much longer apart :)
    I've added your button to my blog :D xx

    1. Wow Rebecca that is so kind!! love getting the chance to speak to kind people like you, haha if i could send you stuff i would but then i would have to walk around naked and no one wants that!! Me and my boyfriend cope but it is hard at times!! Thanks for your lovely comment :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Absolutely love that playsuit! such a beautiful colour.
    When I was with my ex I would have hated to spend that long apart and would be upset if I went a week without speaking to him! Now I'm single I definitely think time apart helps! haha
    Very cute couple xx

  4. you are such a sweet couple and you look soo happy together <3 it's lovely to see!
    love the playsuit too, it looks awesome on you. it's a gorgeous colour! i think that lolly tshirt is in the offer they're doing with 30% off for the bank holiday in case you didn't know and were tempted! xxx

  5. I'm so happy you met your boyfriend :) You guys look amazing together <3. Anyway, you look stunning and your playsuit is lovely. I had friend who lives in Portsmouth :).

  6. I forget you live so near Paige! Being apart from 8 weeks must have been horrible, I think the most me and Danny were ever apart when I was in London was 3 weeks and that was the worst! Not long till term starts again though ay :) I love your playsuit! I cant wait till I'm a big slimmer so I can wear anything motel (only like one thing Ive ever tried on from motel has fitted nicely as a 14!) xoxo o

  7. Hello dear! I saw you on lookbook and I really love your looks! Can't help but check-out your blog so I end up following you. hihi.anyway, you're so pretty! hope we can be friends. hihi :3

    Rae Abigael ♥
    Raellarina-The Ballerina on Fire