Life’s sweet sorrow. (update)

Good afternoon!!
Update on me
I am so sleepy today all I want to to is curl up in bed with my cat and sleep haha. It is my dad’s birthday tomorrow so will be nice, going for a family meal with my fellow triplet sisters, brother and my dad’s girlfriend :).
I have been SO busy that past few days, cramming in so much stuff from t-shirt printing, blog banner illustrating, lookbooking, working and reading. I have been reading the hunger Games for the second time and I am hooked, so even though I have already read it, I still keep going to sleep about 2/3 in the morning! 
Have any of you read it, any one else in love with Peter Mallark? haha
Because of the lovely Megan Mcminn, I have over 10 new followers on my blog in one night, and I am very excited to welcome you all here! I never usually rant on for so long about my life but thought as you are new I could give you a little update on myself. 
Next week I have quite a lot planned so I will try blog as much as possible, obviously will be doing my ‘Madness Monday’ post for you all, to see what I will be wearing. It all went a bit tit’s up this week because I was working and didn’t actually get to wear all of the oufits, so I shall carry 1 or 2 on until next week πŸ™‚ In a really girly mood again, been wearing my dresses with little socks and lots of jewelry.
Here is what I shoved on when I got home from work <3




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