Friday, 15 June 2012

Hannabaloo Jewellery.

Hello lovelies! 
Hope you are all okay :)
I really want to introduce you to this lovely lady, she makes hand-made jewellery and has a lovely range on Asos  market place! This girl is going to be a huge success, with her great knitted wonders and one off original pieces.
They are quirky but wearable and just bring any outfit to life! 
Please go and check out her products, I am sure you will not be disappointed. Let me know what you think and check out her stuff in the comments below!
Please follow her blog! she deserves more attention for her work <3

This is my favorite one, apart from the one I got sent, it is perfect!







Really hope you love her necklaces as much as i do and follow her blog!! I can see a lot of talent coming from this girl and it's not to be missed.



  1. WOW they're amazing! So unique! x

  2. Hey!

    Thankyou for introducing me to her work, it's amazing and very inspirational as I am starting uni in october studying Fashion knitwear and knitted textiles, so her work is going to definitely inspire me so I have followed her blog!

    I was also just wondering how did you make your header? Or did you get somebody to make it for you as it's amazing and I want something similar ^_^

    Elizabeth Gracie xo

    1. hello lovely! glad you like her work :)

      I made my own header and designed my own blog, i di illustration at uni and i can do commissions for you if you would like one done!

      Take a look and email me on

  3. Thank you so much Paige for all your kind words! Such a lovely post :) xxx