Thursday, 21 June 2012

FASHION WITH FRIENDS - Charity shop haul.

Good evening and hello again!
I promised a post about what me and my lovely friend Kirsti Lee brought from our little venture out to the charity shops, here it is. It was just one of those days where we didn't expect to be so inundated with so many nice things, neither of us resisted though and we both brought back around 15 pounds worth. which usually would be spent on 1 item brought new, so no complaints there.  
Here is what I brought;





1. Pastel and white stripe jumper - £1.99
2. baby pastel blue blouse with collar - £2.99
3. Embroidered waist coat - £2.99
4. Duck egg blue pleated skirt (you can see the top of it) £0.99p
5. red midi length floral skirt - 2.80
6. vintage style oval necklace - 50p

what Kirsti Brought;



From left to right:
Daisy skirt - 50p!!
Red pleated skirt - 99p
white shoes - 99p
Floral trim cardie
black and rose tie up blouse
black and white over sized jacket.

Fair to say i think we got some amazing bargains! Hope you liked the post, If you are a charity shop virgin but really want to try going and finding something unique then a few tips;
1. Don't be miffed if you don't find something straight away, we got really lucky today and I sometimes comes home with nothing.
2. Don't be afraid to look at larger sizes, some do look silly but most of the time if you tuck a large blouse into a skirt or shorts it is fine and if you are good at sewing you can take things in!
3. Do not fear a good rummage!!
4.  Have fun :)



  1. You bought some absolutely amazing things! I am so jealous the charity shops near me is nowhere near that cheap x

    1. It's because it's in a rough area but all the old people must give away there things <3 haha xxx

  2. Cant wai to see the blue skirt!! Some great finds :)

    I <3 the skirt in your last post. Whatever you are doing with the lighting is perfect. Your hair looks so beautiful.

    1. Yeah it needs taking up slightly but its going to look so cute :D I adjust the lighting on photoshop :) xxx

    2. Oh I would love to know what you do with photoshop? :)

      Your blog photos ar so good xx

    3. And my spelling tonight is so bad! Lol

    4. I can always email you what setting i use xxx

  3. Excellent haul- anouther charity shop trip is don't exclude the men's section or knick knacks- a little imagination goes a long way

    1. hahahaha ALWAYS look in the men's section, i forgot about that :P xxx

  4. Hi dear! I'm visiting from Chictopia and love your blog and you have such a vintage style that I love! I'm a new follower on here now, and look forward to future posts! I love the first sweater you bought! Is your hair your natural color by the way? I'm considering going red, and I love your color! Have a good weekend and keep in touch! Come visit me if you get a chance! Would love a new follower! xo, Pip

    1. Thank you so much!! Love all my new followers it means a lot! My hair colour is dyed red, it is quit high maintenance to keep bright but i always seem to go back to red whenever It fades or grows out lol! Hope you continue to like my looks :) x x x

  5. I love all the shirts and the white shoes are an absolute bargain! :)